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    Managing an ongoing redundancy

    Workplace restructure? What to do when facing a redundancy

    Picture this. Young family. One partner settling into a new company, they’ve finally landed the dream job. One partner at home, taking time out of the workforce to look after the baby. They’ve just moved into their forever home, there’s room enough for a few more kids yet. Their dog is the snuggliest little guy you’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

    Things were looking bright.

    Until they weren’t.

    Until that big, inefficient conglomerate they’ve decided to devote their life to decided it was time to trim the fat. Continue reading…

    Bald dating: one woman on dating with a shaved head

    You might remember Jordi from this post about her experiences travelling the world while working for various international aid organisations. These days she’s back in Melbourne getting ready to tackle her PHD next year.

    When Jordi came to me with her post about dating while bald, she wasn’t sure I’d think it was a good fit but, as you’ll read, hair is about more than just hair and provides an interesting perspective on the expectations placed on women and how they live their lives – something I’m grateful to be able to explore here on TMA.

    Keep the conversation going in the comments, or you can connect with Jordi on Linked In or Instagram.   

    Many months of trepidation went into deliberating whether to shave my head or not and, in all honesty, my main anxiety over the state of my hair was the impact it was going to have on my dating life.

    To clarify: I am an avid dater. I see people. We do things. It’s the 21st century, ya know? “Freedom and liberation” is the flavour of the millennium and tentatively available for the masses and I ain’t complainin’. While I am fully aware that dating is not the most serious issue to be concerned with when it comes to bodies and gender roles, it has taken me a long time to fully dissect the varying aspects and intersections of my shaved-head experience in relation to bodily autonomy, femininity, as well as conversations surrounding racial and class tensions.

    Yet, in the age of The Bachelorette, dating sans hair is the aspect of my lived shaven experience that friends were most curious about. And really, I don’t blame them. So, I have bowed down to peer pressure and have begun to make sense of our systemically entrenched gender norms by writing your daily dose of clickbait in the form of this piece. Continue reading…

    comparison is the thief of joy

    The BS of comparing ourselves to others

    Comparison is the thief of joy. I had to Google that to make sure it was an actual saying (I love a mixed metaphor). Turns out it is, and it was ol’ Teddy Roosevelt who made it famous. In my experience, it isn’t far from the truth.

    Plenty of everyday occurrences can trigger negative self-comparisons but there are a handful of special events every year that really haunt me. Continue reading…

    gender quota

    Targeting gender equality: why we need quotas

    With #metoo and #timesup dominating our airwaves recently, I’ve had many conversations about what it means to be a young female in the workforce – things you can and can’t do, how to navigate challenges we face, and importantly, what we want the future of working to look like for women and how we might get there. Inevitably, gender quotas or targets in the workplace come up. It does, on occasion, get heated.

    I’m sure you’re all familiar with some of the reasons why no self-respecting woman would ever want to be party to such a discriminatory practice. Of course, quotas are anti-feminist. They lead to less qualified candidates snatching jobs from under the noses of more qualified (presumably more male) candidates. And surely all these “qualified women” would prefer to get these jobs based on merit alone, anyway?

    I don’t quite see it that way. Continue reading…

    Overcoming new year’s resolution fatigue and how to cut yourself some slack

    How to overcome new year’s resolution fatigue and cut yourself some slack

    2017 was a good year for me but it was also bloody hard.

    In the last few days I’ve seen a raft of social media posts paying tribute to the year that was 2017. It was nice to see people reflecting and taking time to celebrate the year, except that some of it felt disingenuous and left me feeling somewhat like I’d been left behind.

    Dripping in a sickly sweet veneer, some posts presented a perfectly crafted year to go with a perfectly crafted Instagram feed. The blood, the sweat, the tears, the grit and grime of daily life cropped out of frame, filtered into oblivion, only the sparkly bits left behind for the world revel in.

    It was overwhelming. Continue reading…

    long distance friendship

    Long distance besties

    I recently discovered a new podcast to add to my ever growing list of faves.  

    It’s called “Call Your Girlfriend” and it’s dedicated to long distance besties everywhere. Ahhhh. It’s no wonder I was instantly drawn to it. It’s all pop culture weaved in with politics and feminism. Total slam dunk, IMHO. 

    It got me thinking back to those first few months adjusting to life without my lifelong besties being within reach (aka a 20 minute car ride). 

    It was tough! I’m not completely naive, I knew moving would be tough but I think the bulk of my energy went into thinking about how this would impact my family relationships. 

    But life without my girlfriends – I was unprepared.  Continue reading…

    Living and working overseas

    All Abroad: Living and working overseas, an interview series

    At one time or another, many of us have thought about packing up our things and buying a one way ticket out of Oz in the hope of discovering ourselves overseas. However fleeting, the thought of escaping your hometown for a change of scenery can be pretty enticing. As more of my friends are making the move overseas or heading home after time spent abroad, I wanted to share the varied – but equally inspiring – experiences of four wonderful, world-faring and adventurous women who today take us through the highs, the lows and the how-to of living and working overseas.

    From chasing the corporate dream in New York City, to designing your very own gap year  to test out a potential career path, to balancing professional development with your unbounded desire to explore the globe, there are many ways to scratch that work/travel itch. And while their journeys have taken each of these ladies in very different directions, I keenly observed a thread of similarity running throughout the four interviews: the need to embrace experience over things. Continue reading…

    living and working overseas

    All abroad: Living and working overseas, the London edition

    This interview is part of a four-part series exploring the ups and downs and practicalities of living and working overseas. You can read the other interviews with three wonderful, world-faring and adventurous women here.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    I’m Bianca. Melbourne girl, physiotherapist, passion for travel, the outdoors, books and red wine. Decided to make the move abroad for two years with my partner. Continue reading…

    living and working overseas

    All abroad: Living and working overseas, the NYC edition

    This interview is part of a four-part series exploring the ups and downs and practicalities of living and working overseas. You can read the other interviews with three wonderful, world-faring and adventurous women here.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    I’m Joy, a 27 year old identical twin originally from Melbourne. After completing a commerce degree at the University of Melbourne I worked in professional services both in an accounting and consulting capacity. I’m a chartered accountant who likes numbers and am nerdy at heart! Besides Melbourne, I’ve lived and worked in Sydney and am now based in New York. I love the outdoors, socialising, keeping myself active, and anything turtle-related. Continue reading…

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