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Do you even podcast? Five podcasts you should be listening to

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce’. That may be true but when I’m facing deadlines at work, am setting my alarm earlier and earlier just to squeeze in a 15 minute early morning workout and have to schedule an hour into my crazy week just to wash my hair, time sure does seem tight. So when it comes to finding new and engaging content and ideas to keep my blog fresh and exciting and a hub for golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, scrolling through my rss feed doesn’t always seem like the most efficient use of my time.

Enter podcasts.

I got into podcasts for the first time a few years ago. I was working a casual job doing data entry after I graduated from uni and before my grad job started. I was making good money by student standards and was carefully saving every dollar to fund a South East Asia trip with my sister before I entered the ‘real world’ (sister trips rock, btw!). So, while the job itself was unstimulating, to say the least, I wasn’t too worried. I passed the first few weeks sending witty emails to my siblings, reading the Age and Financial Review over lunch (because that’s what grown ups with real jobs do, right?!) and committing Excel keyboard shortcuts to memory.

When that grew old (fast) I started downloading podcasts to ease the pain (and boredom) of 8 hour days of constant data entry. I listened to a lot of Hamish and Andy podcasts which I still rate very highly when in need of a few LOLs. When I finished up at that job and actually entered the much talked about and fabled ‘real world’, podcasts quickly vanished into the middle distance in favour of endless scrolling through my Facebook feed. Come on, I know you’re guilty of it too!!  

Recently, though, I’ve had a podcast reawakening.

I can’t remember exactly which came first, but at some point last year my car radio stopped working and my friend, Fab, started his own podcast.

The car radio not working doesn’t bother me much (yes, it’s still broken) but, every so often, on a particularly long solo drive, the thought of a whole hour or more with only my own thoughts for company seems just too much. I mean, is it even safe to be left alone without external stimulation for so long?!! So I turned to Fab’s podcasts to keep me sane.

Not only are podcasts the perfect substitute for my faulty car radio, they also work wonders to pass time during long train rides, working out or even during a particularly productive Sunday cook up session. But really, I’d be underselling it if I said that podcasts are only good for passing time. For me, the big sell is the ease and convenience of access to a world of amazing content and knowledge from some of the world’s best thinkers and movers and shakers.

That’s not to say all time should be ‘productive’ time. Far from it. We all need to switch off and dedicate time to slow down, enjoy our favourite album or take a few mindful moments to ourselves daily, especially in this crazy, hyperconnected world.

But for all those times you’re looking for that extra piece of inspiration, motivation, education or just plain entertainment, there’s podcasts! If it’s safe (i.e. you’re not operating heavy machinery), keep a notepad handy! You’ll undoubtedly find yourself scrambling to take down a few words of wisdom.  

Below are my top five podcasts currently on high rotation. Have you listened to them? Do you love them too? Let me know what you think in the comments and leave suggestions of some of your favourites – I’m always on the lookout for fresh listening!

The Journey 

This is one of the first podcasts I listened to on my reintroduction to the podcasting world. In The Journey my friend Fab showcases entrepreneurs and people with unconventional careers to uncover practical lessons for his listeners to apply in their own journey through life. It’s funny, engaging and really challenges you to think about how you choose to make the most of your most precious resource – time. I’ve almost filled an entire notebook with gems I’ve picked up from Fab and his guests. Needless to say, highly recommend it. 


Around the time my car radio died, I was reading #GIRLBOSS and was delighted to find out Sophia Amoruso was keeping up the #GIRLBOSS momentum through her new podcast #GIRLBOSS Radio. In it, Sophia interviews world-class girlbosses to share with her listeners what they’ve learnt throughout their careers. It’s super laid-back, easy listening but don’t let that fool you – the interviews are filled with #GIRLBOSS wisdom-a-plenty.

Women of the Hour 

This podcast mini series is produced and presented by Lena Dunham. Like her newsletter series, Lenny Letter, it tackles a wide range of topics affecting women. There are five full length episodes covering Friendship, Body, Love & Sex, Work and The Big Picture, plus a few bonus mini episodes (don’t skip the bonus episodes though maybe pack some tissues for the Love & Sex bonus episode, First Love Lost). Sometimes funny, sometimes devastatingly sad, it is undoubtedly a worthy investment of your time. Just go subscribe, guys.

The Tim Ferriss Show 

This is one of the most consistently top rated podcasts on iTunes. In it, Tim Ferriss, author of the New York Times best selling book, The Four Hour Work Week, interviews world class performers to showcase the tactics and tools they use in their lives that have helped them become successful in their respective fields. There is so much in Tim’s back catalog that you’ll want to listen to but do yourself a favour and get onto both Jamie Foxx episodes early on. Listen to the December 2015 interview before delving into the June 2016 reverse interview – you’ll be hooked.  

The Broad Experience 

This one is for those of you interested in deep diving into issuing affecting women in the workplace. Presented by Ashley Milne-Tyte, a British-born writer and public radio reporter based in New York, The Broad Experience presents nuanced and considered conversations about why ambitious women often don’t reach their full potential. It’s balanced, it’s informative and Ashley does a great job of navigating tough but important topics!

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What have I missed? Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments!

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