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European summer holiday planning

How to get over European summer envy in the depths of an Aussie winter

It’s summer in Europe and seemingly everyone you’ve ever met is holidaying in exotic locations, tans deepening by the day, the sun and the salt giving them that carefree glow you can only ever know on a summer holiday.

Meanwhile, the few sad, cold and pale folks left behind with no option but to hunker down through the Australian winter are mad about it. Sure they’re mad that their friends are on holidays while they’re shivering under three blankets, a set of flannies and bed socks. But most of all they’re mad that every time they take a sneaky Instagram break, a quick little reprieve from their cold little lives, they have to endure an endless scroll through holiday happy snaps plastered on walls and feeds and stories by smiling, carefree holidaymakers.

It’s true that the majority of my winter Instagram feed has been dominated by photos of sun-kissed travellers perched on mountain tops overlooking hidden beaches or gazing pensively out to the bluest ocean you’ve ever seen from a whitewashed Greek village. A hefty chunk of the remainder has been filled by gloomy posts about gloomy winter, and how terribly cold and gray and unfair the whole situation is.

But I’ve gotta say, I kinda love the splash of summer brightening up my feed. For once, I’m not falling into the comparison trap. I’m not feeling less than or experiencing the dreaded FOMO. The way I see it, all those beautiful, hard working people are off enjoying the fruits of their labour. They’re discovering new places and cultures, meeting new people and creating new adventures.

Why would you begrudge anyone that? Sure, you could argue that I soon will be one of those people (I’m off to join the masses in the European summer soon) so it’s not the same.

Not true, I’d say. The deluge of summer holiday snaps crowding our social feeds is hardly a new phenomenon. It’s been years since I’ve seen a European summer. I’ve sat through many a long winter (and I mean really long because I’m from Melbourne), clutching my heat pack close to my chest, watching on as friends and peers enjoyed all that glorious sunshine.

I’ve been biding my time, saving my pennies, and taking note! All those cool people visiting cool places – don’t hate them for it, just grab a notepad because that is free holiday planning right there. I mean, how else would I have know  that Sardinia is the destination of the year (unfortunately I made that realisation a few months too late so will keep that one in my back pocket for the next trip).

So don’t freak out if you’re not one of the recently/current/soon-to-be euro-summer goddesses. Be happy that your friends and family (and distant acquaintances and d-grade celebs from reality TV shows and people you went to highschool with but would probably dodge if you saw them on a crowded train platform) are enjoying a well-earned break and giving you your own personalised episode of Getaway every time you tune into Insta stories.

And if that still doesn’t help, just think about the monster amount of greasy, sticky sunscreen that this pale body will be slathered in each and every daylight hour of my euro holiday. I’ll probably break into a heat rash or two too. Hard to be jealous of that, right?!  

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