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A case for keeping it simple in the new year

A case for keeping it simple in the new year

You might have noticed things have gotten quiet around here. And here

It’s true, I haven’t been blogging lately. I haven’t been writing much of anything. But it’s ok.

When I sit down to write, I can lose myself for hours as words tumble out and onto the screen.

I love it, but adding three extra hours in front of a laptop after a day of sitting in front of a desktop is, quite frankly, a little exhausting.

As I’m in charge of my writing and my blogging, I realised there was no need to put undue pressure on myself. If I wanted a break, I could take one.

And so the last three months of 2018 passed quietly around here.

My day job continued with an intensity I could have done without for December, so it was a relief to feel unburdened by the need to come home to create content, brainstorm topics, or post Instagram stories.

Instead, I filled my evening hours devouring non-fiction books and Netflix series with abandon. It was just the ending to 2018 that I needed.

So what’s stirred me from this blissful blog-holiday?

In part, a quiet start to the working year has given me some space for creativity to creep back in. And secondly, I want to share my evolving take on New Years. One that I hope might help ease the pressure you might have felt (a pressure I certainly did) when scrolling through the endless Instagram recaps and resolutions.


The last two years, I’ve posted my New Year’s intentions for the coming year.

I did really well in year one, embracing a year of change.

I could have done better last year. It was a challenging year in many ways that I wish I could have approached with a bit more chill – but alas, I learnt so much it still feels like a success.

This year I feel like I’m in such a different place from those two years.

I’m in the right place work-wise, in a job I’m equally challenged and fulfilled by, and I’m happy with where I’m at personally. Nothing’s ever perfect – I’m not so naive as to try to sell you any such fantasy – but it’s good, and I am largely content.

So instead of big, daring resolutions, this year I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing.


While the New Year provides a convenient annual recurrence to check in on our progress and goals, those 365 day check-ins are somewhat arbitrary, and might not always work for us.

I’m an overthinker at the best of times and, for the time being, I’ve had about enough of introspection. The thought of sitting down to chronicle my successes and failures over 2018 had me squirming. We’re all balancing enough on our overflowing plates already, and I didn’t feel like adding to that load.  

My New Year’s Eve lacked fanfare, spent with loved ones doing something I’d happily do on any night of the year (BBQ, red wine and board games anyone?). I’m approaching 2019 with similar simplicity.

This doesn’t mean I think 2019 is going to be a simple, or unrewarding year for me. Quite the opposite. I feel like I’m on the cusp of some great things. It’s just that I think I’m in a good starting place so I don’t want to overcomplicate it.

So what does simple and rewarding look like to me in 2019? Working hard and having fun.

Working hard comes easy, the having fun, I’ll need to consciously prioritise more.

As with any year, there’ll be highs and lows and the time for introspection and setting new goals will come around again.

Until then, working hard and having fun seems like enough.

How are you approaching 2019? Goals, intentions resolutions or just letting one day roll into the next? Don’t feel like you have to overthink it.

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  • Reply Steph

    Beautifully written. That’s a great way to outlook on the new year – don’t over complicate it.

    I think those anti-climax fireworks on NYE set a similar tone for me! It hasn’t even really clicked that it’s a new year yet, and I’m taking that as a sign 😉

    January 7, 2019 at 8:22 am
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