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    Money Matters

    Money Matters with Wadzanai Nenzou

    Come on, admit it. We’ve all been there. Paycheck comes in. Credit card gets whipped out.

    And just like that we kiss our paycheck goodbye as those sacred credit card numbers float listlessly through the ether and result in a dreaded ‘debit’ on our netbank statements. And while we become one pair of can’t-live-without-shoes richer (yay!), the effect on our bank balance can sometimes remain…how should I put this…questionable?

    While we have no problem discussing these indiscretions with our friends, colleagues, sisters and mothers – so much so that we at times wear them as a badge of honour, almost boastful that our newest Iconic purchase meant we had to live off cup-noodles for five days straight – when it comes to having serious conversations about our finances we run (feet encased in those shiney new can’t-live-without-kicks) for the hills!

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    From uni to the real world: what I wish I knew

    Are you at the end or coming to the end of your university degree?

    I’ve found for myself and many of my closest friends that this can be one of the most challenging transitions in your early working life. You’re coming off a brilliant few years of skipping classes in favour of napping on sunny university lawns, two x 12 week semesters a year sandwiched by endless weeks of holidays, and more uni pub crawls, after exams parties, booze cruises and uni balls that you can poke a stick at. Of course there were hard times too, mid-semester exams, end of semester exams, take home exams and the horror that is swotvac (that’s a ‘study without teaching vacation i.e. a one week period of cramming before your exams start, for our non-Aussie readers). I personally find it favourable to suppress those particular memories.

    But despite how great uni is, the reason I think so many of us struggle with post-university life is that we hold these grand expectations for what ‘real life’ and our ‘grown-up jobs’ hold for us. For many, that long-lusted-after first real job represents the beginning of the rest of our lives.

    Perhaps it shouldn’t be so surprising then when reality somehow doesn’t stack up to the expectations we’ve built up in our heads.

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    Me first

    Me first

    Earlier this year I read a super cool book. It’s not cool in that Sophia Amoruso #GIRLBOSS kinda way. It’s more of a can’t-put-it-down story with a practical dose of political ideology weaved in. Ok, so maybe cool is not the right word but I digress…

    I was initially hesitant to pick up Atlas Shrugged which is based on Ayn Rand‘s philosophy of Objectivism. Her philosophy advocates rational self interest and capitalism as the path to economic and technological progress, and individual self fulfillment (yeah…cool is definitely the wrong word) and is explored through the story of a group of pioneering American capitalists in their battle against the socialist reach of the “boys in Washington”.

    I loved it but that’s not to say it will be everyone’s cup of tea. The last third of the book is theory-heavy and definitely a challenge to get through. For me, the captivating first two-thirds were such an enjoyable read and the finale so fitting that it was absolutely worth the effort. Not to mention Dagny Taggart (<3) is a joy to read. I don’t often come across such a strong, accomplished and inspiring female character, especially one with such a never-say-die attitude and drive to succeed in a man’s world. Continue reading…


    The original and the best: how to be a #GIRLBOSS

    Sophia Amoruso is the original #GIRLBOSS. Founder, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal, Sophia is the ultimate cool-girl-come-CEO. She is a self made millionaire doing it on her own terms.  She didn’t go to college and spent her teenage years hitchhiking and dumpster diving. But what she lacks in formal training, she makes up for in experience and an enviable work ethic.

    In her book, #GIRLBOSS – part memoir, part career guidebook – she dishes out advice for all the up and coming #GIRLBOSSES of the world. She details the remarkable growth of Nasty Gal from a vintage clothing eBay store run out of a studio apartment to a multimillion dollar fashion empire, but don’t go suggesting that luck has anything to do with it. Sophia calls bullshit on the concept of luck which, she maintains, implies being “devoid of responsibility” and that we “don’t control our own fate”. Instead, she challenges us to show up, work hard, and plant the seeds for a life “beyond your wildest dreams”. Continue reading…

    Success wakes up with the sun

    Success wakes up with the sun: why quitting the ‘snooze’ habit should be the top of your priority list

    Are your mornings working for you? Or do your mornings belong to your work day? All my life, I have categorically fallen into the latter category.

    My mornings are pure determination to achieve one thing and one thing only. To get to work. I get up at the last minute and rush all the way to work. Even my train ride is dedicated to work as I sift through all the emails that have come in overnight.

    That is all fine for a short period. It’s fine when faced with a strict deadline or a particularly busy week. But day in, day out, it is exhausting, and it was running me down.

    I recently started making a few small changes to my morning routine, almost an experiment to see how it would turn out and how my body would react.

    So I started waking up earlier. Earlier than I’ve ever woken up before. And now I do something really strange. I enjoy my mornings! Continue reading…

    Lenny Letter

    I love Lenny

    I am a massive Lena Dunham fangirl. We’ve already covered that here. Aside from creating, starring in, directing and producing one of my favourite TV shows, she is now bringing joy to my inbox with Lenny Letter, the twice weekly newsletter she created with her writing partner and Girls showrunner, Jenni Konner.

    Lenny Letter covers all manner of topics spanning feminism, style, health, politics and friendship, with a common theme of empowering women, and telling their stories.

    Some stories are super light and a bit of good old fashioned fun. Lena’s personal confession on her history of terrible Halloween costumes, the monthly Lennyscopes, and a fictional retelling of Lena’s experience at this year’s Coachella with her fantasy feminist band, for example.

    More often though, the essays published in Lenny go deeper, covering a wide range of both highly political or deeply personal stories. Continue reading…

    The Pressure of Yes

    Do you ever find yourself in a situation wondering what the hell you’re doing there?! When your mind is a million miles away thinking about all the other appointments/meetings/catch ups/errands that are piling up as you sit/wait/drive/text/listen/watch/discuss. When you have other places to be/stuff to do/dogs to walk/family to visit/houses to tidy. When you’ve forsaken that afternoon nap your body has been crying out for since Monday or that Netflix binge session to meet up/make up/step up/dress up and be there for your friend/sister/girlfriend/colleague/boss/auntie/neighbour/grandmother’s third cousin twice removed that’s visiting from Europe.

    If that in any way resembles what is running through your mind on an average Wednesday evening, then we have something in common. Or at least we did.   Continue reading…

    How to beat procrastination and maximise productivity

    When procrastination takes hold: four tips to get you back to your productive best

    Procrastination has a strong hold on me. I’d like to think I’m not alone. We, the social media generation, have endless hours of fun right at our fingertips care of a well timed instagram or facebook stalk, or the shiny new delight that is snapchat face-swap and all those fancy, funny filters that could easily siphon away a whole evening.

    Of course, sometimes, a bit of good old fashioned procrastination is harmless (or delicious if you’re a procrastibaker like me). If you work better under pressure and pull out some of your best work when the heat is well and truly on, there’s no harm done, right?

    But, if you’re having trouble deciphering the fine line between productivity and procrastination and the results are showing up in cut-corners and missed deadlines, then it’s time to buck up and kick those procrastination habits. Continue reading…

    Welcome to The Modern Ascent

    Welcome to The Modern Ascent

    Success is not achieved without hard work. But we’re not afraid of a little hard work. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. We’re here because we aspire to greatness. We’re here because we’re ready to swiftly and expertly climb to new and dizzying career heights. We’re ready to break ground and kick arse.

    But one women can’t do it alone. Well, she probably can. She’s probably a pretty grade A chic, a lot like you and I. But just because she can do it alone, doesn’t mean she should have to.

    And that’s where The Modern Ascent comes in. Continue reading…

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