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Welcome to The Modern Ascent

Welcome to The Modern Ascent

Success is not achieved without hard work. But we’re not afraid of a little hard work. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. We’re here because we aspire to greatness. We’re here because we’re ready to swiftly and expertly climb to new and dizzying career heights. We’re ready to break ground and kick arse.

But one women can’t do it alone. Well, she probably can. She’s probably a pretty grade A chic, a lot like you and I. But just because she can do it alone, doesn’t mean she should have to.

And that’s where The Modern Ascent comes in.

As young females in the workplace, we sometimes forget to make use of the networks around us. When we’re having a bad day, when we’re frustrated or disappointed, when all we can think of is “what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here?!!” or even when it’s all going great.

When women generously share their stories, their challenges and successes, it energises, inspires and motivates. It can make you want to work harder and achieve more.

From corporate to creative, small business to start up, I’ll share stories from experts in their field, and people who, like you and I, are still relatively new at this, but forging ahead nonetheless. I’ll share musings and stories from my own experiences, lessons I’ve learnt and helpful resources I’m discovering along the way.

And how did I come to found The Modern Ascent? Well, like many of you, I never quite nailed down the answer to the question ‘what do I want to do when I grow up?’. Instead, I’ve learnt that I don’t always need to know exactly where I’m going but that working hard and trusting my instincts is always the right decision. I’ve learnt to surround myself with people who radiate boundless joy and optimism, who work hard for what they want and sure as hell get it. I’ve learnt the power of a strong support network and the bright and shining career clarity that can be gained from some well timed advice from a trusted friend or mentor.

In the past handful of years, I have met a few absolute trailblazers. I had the opportunity to speak with them and work with them and watch them in action. The impact this has had on me, and specifically, on my attitude towards my own career, has been profound. These days the career I always envisaged for myself feels much more tangible and achievable. And I am ready to work for it.

Through The Modern Ascent, I hope that I can translate even a fraction of that energy, that buzz, that excitement I felt when I decided to go all in. When I decided that this is it, and the time is now.
Careers are hard, yes. But with the right team in our corner, we can make it to the top. We may not know where we’re going, I sure don’t, but with the right support and knowledge, the journey – the ascent – through this modern day workplace, will be that much more fabulous.

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